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[Mod] Mod career Kuban campaign Panzerjagdkommando Weiss Ju87G Kanonenvogel V1

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A new mod for the career Kuban

Thanks for your comments

Mod career Kuban Ju 87 G

Experimental Anti-Tank Unit 'Panzerjagdkommando Weiss'",

"V.Kdo f.P.B.





-        This mod allows to activate units that exist in the modcareer of the game but whose activation was omitted by the designer.

I activated and changed from AI unit to playable unit the V.Kdo f.P.B with Ju87G.
You will join the small experimental squadron JU 87 G in the spring of 1943 the 'Panzerjagdkommando Weiss'.

This unit performs a unique mission type; The attack of the armored units.
It would be possible historically to add ship attack missions. But the anti shipping has still not been modeled by the developer in the modcareer, it's a shame because it deprives the development of the big possibilities of the game on the Kuban card.


The JU87G were based in Kerch, to reduce the flight time to reach the front line, I plan to make a variant of this mod with transfers to airfields closer to the front line per period

The following AI units also appear now withthis mod:


-         - 15.(kroat.)/JG 52

-       -  Pz.Jg.St./JG 51

-        - III./St.G 77



Link for download ;  http://www.mediafire.com/file/iciyh9u8ih2d0xi/Mod_career_Kuban_campaign_Panzerjagdkommando_Weiss_Ju87G_Kanonenvogel.7z/file

-        This small mod is compatible with JSGME

Save the old files of SCG folder

Extract in the « Mods » folder and activate with JSGME.



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