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GFX - sharpen post filter, hdr, anisotropic filter

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now I tested differend gfx settings and I restarted several times 😞:


- sharpen post filter

- (landscape) anisotropic filter > off/sharp/blurred


But I cannot see any differences beetween these settings. Are there any screens or vids to see the differences? I did some screens but never saw any differences. Whats your setting?


And do you prefer using HDR or not? Maybe there is a better chance to spot enemys without HDR. 



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Sharpen makes image a bit sharper. Try with it on and off in cockpit and look at gauges for example. Landscape is supposed to help with the shimmering, I use either blurred or off. I use HDR, but disabled BLOOM for it in the cfg file. Just can´t stand this overblown idiotic effect. Initially the game had more comprehensive settings to choose from, like in RoF. But for some reason devs decided we were too stupid to use them properly and force fed these preset settings we have now. GB is one of games with least graphical options to work with. People who want to tinker are forced to use 3rd party programs like ReShade etc. to get desired graphical look. Quite counter intuitive if you ask me. Game could just have current presets with an Advanced tab for more tinkerng if so desired.

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