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Stuttering in Single-player Research

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The stuttering issue is very complex because we have issues in SP as well as MP.  We need to be more scientific in this work.

First, we need to make sure you are not stuttering in SP under reasonable loads.

I need to design a standard test for everyone and check results. You may experience what I call Microstutters and Macrostutters.


- Microstutters are usually caused by a graphics settings or other graphics pipeline issues. This is usually a constant, jittery and fast stutter. 

- Macrostutters are usually caused by loading objects or textures or other bottlenecks not related to graphics processing. This is usually a very noticeable pause at seemingly random intervals.

Add Example of Microstutrer Video
Add Example of Macrostutter Video

You need to understand what you are experiencing on your own system before we can pinpoint a cause.


More soon...


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G’day Jason


I found that I was getting microS after the patch with my pre-patch settings, that is with clouds set to high and it was much more noticeable when nearing a large population centre on the BoBp map, so I assumed it was basically a graphic load issue, seemed to mostly dissapear when I went down one level on the cloud setting, sorry for the anecdotal evidence, however I’m away from my PC at the moment and so can’t give you my full settings or spec’s or make a track at present, needles to say with weather set for clear sky’s there is minimal if any microS.


As for macroS, it was indeed random and still seems apparent after the cloud setting was reduced, as they are quite erratic and small in number I’ve more or less just put up with it, but my guess is that it happens when a new object is created, I like hunting trains and I think it happens when the train is first loaded, but as I said this is only a guess.

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Let's post it again to ensure that it will be taken into account...

problem : HUD activation is causing spikes in VR and stutters. Reporterd by other users.

Reported whatever graphic option are.

I do not know how to make video in VR, but here is a copy of steamVR "advanced frame timing".

SteamvR resol is 2260x2256, graphics settings are "LOW" in IL2, fps caped to 64 fps by Pitool, no mods installed. Quick mission in Kuban, Ju88 at 1500m.

Recording has started without HUD, "H" key pressed to moved to HUD OFF to HUD ON



"LOW" option is lgiving a huge power margin on my PC (see my signature for more information), so it is unlikely that problem is caused by saturation.

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Bonjour dev team and community,


i love this flight sim but as many people, I have some stuttering even if my overall fps are never below 60 on big maps like kuban. i tried all tips from community but nothing really work. the only settings which really reduce stuttering for me is to reduce horizon draw distance to 40km. problem with this setting is the ground looks very "hazy" in comparison with setting over 130km which is indeed really better without this strange fog.

does somebody know how to have the same ground aspect in 40km setting as it is on 150km?

may be something to change in "startup.cfg" or in options? 

The only thing I found was a mod named "no fog mod".

Indeed, it allow to set draw distance to 40km for low performance systems like mine and have no haze and same quality as you can see if you set draw distance to 150km (see below picture at 40 km setting)


With this 40km setting, I have no stutter anymore  and every options on ULTRA with average 100 fps and no hickups. This mod solve all my stuttering issues which occurred since 3.001 patch.

My rig is :

(Intel i7950 3,2 ghz, 12 GB ram 1600, motherboard x58, 500 GB evo 850 ssd, screen is an Asus rogue 279q Gsync 144hz, I already test vsync, gsync, fixed frequency but stuttering is always there)

Moreover I have a g940 ffb joystick which does not help with stuttering issues. 


I also noticed that stuttering is far less on small maps like "lapino" qmb mission (16 aircraft, ground units, clouds, )where I can set every options on maximum including horizon  draw distance on 150km. may be it need less RAM and less ssd page file access.




Update: With last Nvidia drivers 440.97, I have been able to remove micro stuttering with setting below. I follow setting advises from https://www.blurbusters.com/gsync/gsync101-input-lag-tests-and-settings/14/.


However, during flight for unknown reason, stuttering appear even with 50 FPS limit but I can eradicate it by going in FPS limiter option, put it on "no FPS limit" then go back inflight. If stutter appear again, I set again 50 fps limit and it is ok until the end of the flight.... Really strange ??? I can not explain the root cause of that but it works for me.


Another thing I noticed in forum topics is even people with a very powerfull rig (I9900K, GPU 2080TI, 32mo RAM...etc) have this stutter issue.


HUD (H key) activation also have a bad impact and involve stuttering.




Nvidia panel




Game option panel






Hope my feedback can help community and dev team to squash this stuttering problem. I really trust in your team, Jason. you have already soved so many bugs and enhanced so many aspects of this fabulous warbird sim!!!!


Best regards


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I'd had basically game breaking micro and macro stutters since the Windows update which dropped shortly after the patch dropped. After following the advice of RedKestrel and others in previous threads, the only thing I have found which worked was dropping down a clouds detail level. 


This has pretty much solved the issue in sp. However, in mp I'm still getting macro stutters when there's stuff going on. I'm guessing my i5 gtx 950 is just getting a little long in the tooth. 


On the flip side, in some ways my game looks better than ever and I've discovered all kinds of functionality in the invidia control panel I was never aware of previously! 

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My game was running smoothly (ultra settings, i7 6700k, 1070ti) until last weekend.  I had been away two weeks and when I came back windows was updated.  

After that there were stutters and changing game settings didn't help.


Then, I made changes suggested here and game runs smoothly on SP modes at 1080p@60fps https://www.google.com/amp/s/windowsreport.com/fix-pc-stuttering-windows-10/%3famp

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I turned off the Game Bar and Diagnostic policy serve as recommended and tried it out on WoL.

I also turned down my view distance to 40km 

No stutters. But I need more time for testing. Looks promising.

I did not disable Dynamic Tick, and the other 2 edits because I don't know how they will effect my system.

I know this is the SP thread, but here is where I found the info, and it might work for MP. The jury is still out.

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Quick update if anybody cares. Still having stutters on MP. Worse on Kuban maps than older maps.

Noticeable on older maps and aggravating on newer maps. Data bottlenecks in my old rig? maybe. 

Again posted here cause this is were I found the edits advice.


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