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Valve Index - new user settings help needed

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I've just finally received my Valve Index set and I would need some advice regarding the SteamVR / IL2 settings for best graphics / performance, please.


Thank you!

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Specs are in my signature :)



Clevo notebook, intel i7-8700 Coffee Lake, nVidiA GTX 1070, Corsair Vengeance 16 GB DDR4 2400, Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS and TPR, Valve Index / trackIR 5 + trackClip Pro


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For SteamVR my settings are:


Frequency 80Hz. it leave more room for the CPU to make all calculations on time in more heavy scenarios. I don´t notice difference with 90Hz,

Motion Smoothing OFF: I have tried but I don´t like it. I always prefer to lower game settings and try to be at 80fps most of the time.

Supersampling 140%: This is a good compromise for my 180Ti. For your 1070, I would not go higher than 110%


For the IL-2 game (this is very much dependent on CPU freq):

High Settings: I was using Balanced with the Pimax but with the Index no problem with High. Balanced was quite OK as well. Try Balanced first and then compare with High.

Screenresolution: 1600x900 or 1920x1080, it doesn´t consume fps

Shadows High,

Mirrors off,  (I still have not experimented with mirrors, the Index is not bad to check six with some flexibility in a fix chair)

distant landscape x3,

Horizon draw 100Km,

Landscape filter off, (I still need to compare myself the effect of this parameter with objetive data)

Grass Normal,

Clouds Medium or High,  (when playing QuickMissions I use no clouds, but in career or campaign the clouds eat lot of fps. Let´s see what new update brings for clouds)


AA x2, I tested AAx0 and I didn´t like the edges.

gamma 0.8,

4K texttures,


Sharpen Off

Distant building Off  (I still need to experiment with this)


The "problem" of your notebook CPU is that it is not a overclockable CPU (non ending K). So, with Turbo your max freq is 4.6GHz (please, verify TurboBoost is enabled in your BIOS). Meanwhile a 8700K can easily reach 5.0 or more. In any case, notebooks are not prepared for the CPU cooling needed for overclock.


Verify also that while you are playing the CPU freq of your Clevo is mantained at 4.6. If it is not mantained it will be for thermal reasons. So try to keep your notebook as  ventilated as possible.

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