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AI in HS 129 is way to slow

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The AI flys at 220-230kph which is about 100kph slower then i can go at 1.15 ata, 2350 rpm (cruise setting) with full fuel and an MK101 equiped in Stalingrad career (autumn conditions). The waypoints are shown with 300kph in the map before entering the mission and height is 1000m.


I thought after so much time since Kuban ea, which behaved the same in the HS 129, the AI would get some love in formation flying especially the in the HS 129. Its totally frustrating flying the HS 129 at 220kph. When im the leader, the AI cant keep up even at 280kph which is around 40kph slower then max continues mode in the same conditions as above. When decelerating further, the AI also lowers its throttle and rpm even 1km behind. I dont understand this behavior but it was there since the beginning of the kuban career mode (never tested it in QM). 


As much as i like the plane, the carrer is boring and very slow. Yeah i know the HS 129 is a very slow plane but the AI just cant fly it properly. Attackruns are slow as well. The Stuka, which is also a very slow plane, dosent have the same problem. 


Is there anyone flying the HS 129 in any career without these problems?

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