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COD Running slow.

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My father recently is trying to install one of his old flight sims on a new computer, after getting past the initial booting errors we came onto another problem. This problem however is pretty murky because my dad has came up with multiple ideas as to why the program is running slow:

1. We have installed the game on windows 10, the game is not compatible to windows 10

2. We need to use DirectX, however i installed DirectX and the FPS did not increase.

3. Our graphics drivers are not installed (which i'm pretty sure are up to date)

My system specifications are as followed:

CPU: Intel I7 3770k


GPU: ATI Radeon 5450 (i think)

Thanks to everyone who tries to help my problem.



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Hello Wonderfullzen


Is your father trying to install the old version of CLIFFS OF DOVER, or the new version CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ?

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