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ALERT! Need Some Info on WWI Lorries and Autos for FC

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We need the max loaded weight and max speed of these early vehicles. Any know anything about them? We seem to be stumped on finding such info.


Leyland 3 Ton RAF




Benz-Gaggenau Type 5




1912 Crossley T5 Y 1616




Mercedes Kettenwagen 22




Just post here if you find anything. We're trying not to guess. In ROF such parameters weren't entered.





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Leyland 3 Ton RAF


capacity 3 tons, speed .... I am still looking for.



      With the technological development of the internal combustion engines, the name was changed to Leyland Motors in 1907. Leyland supplied its first military vehicles, in the form of the X3, during the same year. During the dark years of WWI, the company supplied almost 6,000 examples of the 3-ton 4x2 S4X4 and S5X4 truck that was generally described as the ‘RAF-type Leyland’.


Mercedes kettenwagen 22



Max Speed : 70

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I'm not sure if this will be of use but it is from War Office Subsidy Trials, from April 1914.






Edit: A Leyland is mentioned and it seems like the vehicles weighed up to 4 tons 10 cwt (gross) with a load of 3 tons and could reach a speed of about 16 mph.

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Since I grew up with the metric system, I'm not sure but it could be right for the Crossley


capacity 2388cc (12/14hp)
2613cc (15hp)
cylinders 4 cylinder monobloc. Fixed cylinder head.
bore 3 1/8 inches (80 mm)
stroke 4 3/4 inches(120 mm) (2388cc)
5 1/8 inches(130 mm) (2613cc)
compression ratio


RAC Horse Power 15.6
carburettor Claudel Hobson or later Smiths 4 jet
valves side
lubrication pressure-fed to big end and camshaft
ignition high tension magneto
max power 17.5 bhp at 1000 rpm, 32 bhp at 2400 rpm
Shelsley 45 bhp.
cooling Water cooled by thermo-syphon. Fan fitted.
fuel consumption (typical)  
max speed (approx)


Gears Gearbox unit mounted with engine.
Clutch Leather faced cone
Drive Shaft Torque tube
Rear axle

Differential - straight cut bevel gears
ratio 4:1 (Shelsley)



wheelbase short chassis 9 feet 4 inches (2844 mm)
long chassis 10 feet 6 inches (3200 mm)
length short chassis 13 feet 3 inches (4040 mm)
long chassis 14 feet 0 inches (4267 mm)
track 4 feet 7 inches (1397 mm)
width overall


weight 14 cwt (without body)
steering worm and sector
suspension - front 1/2 elliptical springs
suspension -rear 3/4 elliptical springs

Rear-wheel only with foot operated transmission brake.
Optional on 15hp in 1911 only, 4-wheel brakes, front operated by pedal, rear by lever.
wheels/tyres 815 x 105 on short chassis
820 x 120 on long chassis


This model Crossley 20hp 55 miles per hours



This is  20 hp 55miles per hours

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