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Pour le Merite (Blue Max) and Distinguished Service Orders and Higher Awards

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3 hours ago, SPA3_Ace_Ivo said:

Congrats to all medal winners!


Indeed! But I wish you better luck than mine - they had to put the medal on my coffin! 🤔

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Posted (edited)

Order of the Crown and DSO



Please join in congratulating the following pilot(s) for their accomplishments over the trenches.



The highest award for Entente ground attack (Belgian Order of the Crown) has been earned by  @J2_Trupobaw for 100+ ground scores in a single virtual life.  His current score is at 250!




The Distinguished Service Order was earned by @=IRFC=Artun for his streak of scores against live players in a single virtual life currently at 22. 



In other news, the following updates from over the front were read in Kaiser Commendations and Englander Despatches:


@US93_Larner  continues to extend the longest streak at the Western Front in a virtual life against live players, which currently stands at 135!

@US28_Baer extends the second longest streak of pilot vs. pilot scores in a virtual life over the FC Western Front to 59!


The FC Flugpark parser can be visited at http://stats.jasta5.org:8000/ . See your own pilots earned awards by finding and clicking on your pilot name in either the pilot ranking tab or your squad tab and then the "awards" tab.  Other awards may be earned and displayed in the Flugpark for scoring victories in combination of Person vs. Person (PvP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


View the entire listing of "Honor Rolls" in the original post of this thread.

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Trupobaw, what an accomplishment! Congratulations.


And congratulations to =IRFC=Artun. We hadn't had a good scratch together since the RoF days. Maybe soon we will.

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