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Custom Cockpit Photo Collection(s)

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Posted FWIW, for those having fun with, or wanting to have more of, the customizable cockpit photos available to us now since the release of v3.201... and I hope others post more of theirs to share here.


Herewith is my stoopendous compendium - a Stoopendium, if you will - of just over 100  *MOSTLY Non-Historic* custom cockpit photos, some of which have been posted in the General Comments section.   Subject matter is varied but largely comprised of the female pin-up or portrait variety, nothing terribly racy and no R-rated or NSFW stuff, but nevertheless I'll post pictures under a spoiler tab just to be on the safe side.    I've attempted to stick with photos that would look more or less period-correct but I'll admit to having strayed off the path a few times just out of personal temptation and preference.  Also includes some patriotic-themed cockpit pictures as well.   


These are pretty easy to use as long as you understand the constraints (has to overwrite the existing stock cockpit photo file, which can be renamed first) and I've included a README file with long-winded instructions anyway.  For convenience, this archive includes two versions of each photo, a .PNG file for previewing, and the matching .DDS file that has to be copied into the IL2 Data\Graphics\Planes \PlaneX\Texture folder  for each plane you want to use it in.


Lastly: These DDS images are more or less tuned for my system which I run relatively low gamma settings on, so hopefully they won't be too bright pn systems with normal or higher gamma settings, but with over 100 pictures to choose from, odds are you'll find something you'll be able to use.


Download link:
Stoopendium of Custom Cockpit Photos Vol.1










































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Thanks for the Photos….I love the Russian Girl with her rifle facing the bear.


I did make some photos with the described method….see link below. But the problem with this method is that you have to crop each Picture individually to the correct size by try and error method, which takes ages, because I can see the result ONLY inside the Cockpit and then I have to go back to my PC to crop again. I don´t have photoshop, so I don´t know how to do it.


I shared my results in another thread hear in the skins section.





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Glad you enjoy them - @TavnerElderberries unfortunately I am unable to advise on how to use neither GIMP nor Photoshop.  The technique I use is one that is quite dated, but familiar to me from skinning and texture creating for FS9 / FSX and other sims from the past. I use Paint Shop Pro (current version, which is awesome, but since its not Photoshop it's an underdog) which supports layers and can easily scale and crop images, so fitting anything into the confines of the cockpit picture template is easy-peasy, then final merging with an Alpha layer and DDS creation is done with an old tool from Martin Wright called DXTBMP - overall it would be easier at this day and age for anyone to learn the GIMP method than for me to teach them how to use the roundabout method I'm used to doing. 

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