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Another "kudos to developers"

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I often take time to come here and complain about things in this title that I don’t like or wish was different so, I feel it incumbent upon me to post a positive statement when warranted.

By way of comparison, I spend most of my time in the other one for no other reason other than the fact that I’m that guy that gets satisfaction out of having to change tanks, flip this switch or move that knob, etc.

However, every time I come back to IL Great Battles and fly it for any amount of time, I am always impressed at the huge disparity in “completeness” and “polish” between the two titles.  IL2 Great Battles is much more refined (except in the AI department) and has a much higher feeling of being “done” and lacks that "forever beta" feeling.

Plus, improvements and fixes to this title are put out faster and with a higher degree of regularity and consistency.

Anyway, just a long winded way of saying, keep up the good work, developers of this title.  Amid all the complaining and grousing that I have been party to, the level of work and dedication shown to your product is not unnoticed.

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Heya @BM357_TinMan!  Been meaning to say Hi, we first met back in the early 2000's in CFS3.  You knew me as JG300-Stoopy back then, and our smelly group of JG300 swine (not to be confused with the current JG300 group here) had our very first ever squad match against the excellent Blazing Magnums, wherein, you mopped the floor with us. How's Raven doing?


I also have great memories of IL2 1946 and particularly PTO operations after CFS3 MP died away thanks to MS shutting down the servers, and played on the Zekes vs. Wildcats server a fair amount before transitioning to this sim.  


I took a lengthy hiatus after around 2015 when BoM first came out and spent a few years catching up on my guitar chops before the bug hit again a few months ago after seeing a YT video about the release of the FW190-D9.  Got my Wilde Sau blood running hot.  Since coming back there's been a of rust to knock off but I'm slowly getting there again, and one thing I most definitely agree with you on:


The Development team does a GREAT job and this game/sim is SO far and away better than anything I've ever played/flown it's unbelievable.  The latest update last week was a wild ride but loving it in MP now.


So kudos to the team and looking forward to seeing you again in the air, my friend!



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Agreed, they are doing a fab job, bugs are to be expected but will be patched out, i'm really enjoying the new planes and features.


I know there's been a lot of complaining on the forums but to give a little context here there is an incredible amount of work required for every release.


For context, i'm an incident and change manager so though I don't develop software i'm a part of the deployment process, there is so much work involved, meetings, tests, code tests, refinements, changes, goals, there'll be a large roadmap likely plastered all over a wall on the office showing what the next step in the plan is who has what workload and where that particular section is upto etc, but with regards to the actual release itself you usually have up to 4 environments, Dev, Test, Pre-prod/release, and live. these all have to be worked through to get this out.

  • Dev is self explanitory, you have a nice cosy environment to write in, this is where you'll literally build your features and graphics, effects etc and can mess around without too much bother.
  • Test is a little more structured, this is where you'll take your packaged change and push it into an environment or version of the system to see whether there are issues with what you're doing, it's not exaustive but there'll be a lot of back and two between dev and test until you're happy with your release, once it passes testing
  • Pre-release - not everyone runs this step depending on what you're developing but it's usually a good idea, this is usually a copy of the current live release, if you can push your patch to this and all appears to work you're good to go, this isn't for testing anything per say, it's usually just to ensure there's the ability to release without killing anything off or stopping the current system/release working.If a bug pops up here, you can end up heading back to dev and test though.
  • finally there's release to live, months of work and development, meetings, conferences, redesigns and changes, budget meetings and decisions about what features you're going to keep and which had to be cut due to time or workload lead up to this.

it goes into live, the patch is out, and the waiting starts...


you know there'll be bugs, you patched out what you could and you messed with it until it broke in test, but you know you cannot test absolutely everything, not only that but you're releasing to a multitude of system configurations, they won't all react the same.


as the reports start coming in you implement your PIR (post implementation review) what went right? what went wrong? are there any glaring issues that need hotfixing, the standby team for hotfixes are thrown into action as the bug reports come in (Seriously, log bug reports people)

they're part of the support team for release because the rest of the dev teams will be working on the main patches, though that's assuming the team is that big, if not dev work on the main branch is on hold for a short time whilst the hotfixing goes ahead. that's assuming you haven't made the decision to roll the patch back (nobody likes doing this!)


you now have to replicate the fault locally, which may well be difficult to do if you don't have similar hardware or software configurations available (seriously, LOG BUG REPORTS) once replicated though it's back through the cycle, Dev-test-pre-live and the cycle starts all over again, PIR, did it fix the issue? did it make it worse? do you have to issue a hotfix for the hotfix, or perhaps another hotfix to complete the original issue?

once you have a stable environment you're already mid way through your next release or if you're a small team you're likely now behind on the next release timetable due to the hotfixes, so it's re-evaluation meetings, rescheduling, work division etc etc.


So TL;DR Development is fun, and i'm not even going into what's required as part of dev!


finally a big thank you to all involved in the dev and release of this game I really appreciate the hard work required.




P.s. Bug reports people! bug reports!


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