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LUFTWAFFE PILOTS IN WORLD WAR II: The Veterans’ Stories Volume 1

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Hi guys

Anyone who pre ordered Black Cross Red Star Vol4 will have received an email from the author Christer Bergström about his crowdfunding of an English translation of “LUFTWAFFE PILOTS IN WORLD WAR II: The Veterans’ Stories Volume 1” hope there is enough interest to get this over the line. 


Just encase anyone else is keen, below is a copy paste of that email:



Hello, my dear friends and supporters,

Good news and bad news:

The good news first: My book ”LUFTWAFFE PILOTS IN WORLD WAR II: The Veterans’ Stories Volume 1” has now been translated into English and can be published within a couple of weeks!

The bad news is this: Is there no demand for this book in English? I have sold fifteen hundred copies of the Swedish edition, but so far I have only had exactly nine (9) pre-orders of the English edition. I haven’t heard that any bookstore has ordered it. (I publish it by myself in order to maintain control of the quality.)

”LUFTWAFFE PILOTS IN WORLD WAR II: The Veterans’ Stories Volume 1”contains absolutely unique and hitherto unknown – except for the Swedish readers – facts and personal accounts by Luftwaffe veterans themselves.
The price for each copy is £25.99 / US$ 31.99 / 47.69 AU$ and postage for one copy is US$ 10.00, for two copies US$ 18.00.

But with the situation regarding demand for the book looking as bleak as it doesn, I am now asking for helpful friends and enthusiasts to help out with crowdfunding.

A crowdfunding of US$ 60 will render the supporter a special crowdfunder edition's numbered book, the crowdfunder's name in a honorary section in the book, and a never previously photograph of the "Karaya Quartet" Hermann Graf - Alfred Grislawski - Ernst Süss - Heinrich Füllgrabe.

Please e-mail me your order/crowdfunding promise, and please transfer the payment to my PayPal account:

I would like to ask you, dear friends, if you could place your orders before Friday 11 October, so that I can have the book published as soon as possible.

Any help in getting a book retailer interested is also most welcome!

In this book, I try to give the answer to this question: What was it like to be a pilot in Hitler’s Luftwaffe during World War II? I allow the veterans themselves to provide the answer. Since 1974, when I (at the age of only 16) was a guest at Adolf Galland’s home in Oberwinter for two days, I have met hundreds of Luftwaffe pilot veterans. Over the years, I made between one and three tours a year to meet and interview as many of the aging Luftwaffe veterans as possible.

I am now putting all of this together in a book series. Here you will find things that often don’t usually appear in ordinary books about the war. 

This first volume contains headlines such as: What was it like to be a pilot in Hitler’s Luftwaffe during World War II? What did the veterans say? * ”Assi” Hahn tells his story * The terrible ”Jochen” Marseille * ”Let’s not talk about that”: Uncomfortable Luftwaffe facts * The Luftwaffe’s real results beyond the claims– facts and figures.

From the Swedish Library Service’s review of German pilots Vol 1:
“Well written and engaging… richly illustrated with, among other things, photos from the veterans’ private photo albums. It is also packed with facts and statistics in several appendices. Christer Bergström is an internationally leading expert on the Luftwaffe during World War II. He has been studying the subject for decades and has written several excellent books on the subject. ”
– Tord Rönnholm, BTJ Booklet no. 24, 2018.

Read more about the book here:


Please help me to spread this to more people.


All the best,

Christer Bergström

Vaktel Förlag

Box 3027

S-630 03 Eskilstuna


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 And on top of that this series has 3 books of which this is the first in english. So volumes 2 and 3 can be true if we get the volume 1 to sell enough to warrant them. Already pledged for BC/RS Volume 5 and this book + one additional one about Marseille written by Colin D. Heaton. It is translated to Swedish by mr Bergström.

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I would like to buy a digital version of it, please!

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