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Axis late war fighters

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52 minutes ago, YIPPEE said:

This is exactly what is going to happen in multiplayer when pacific comes out. In theory, hellcats and corsairs should make mince meat out of zeros and ki43s, but what will actually happen is alot of hellcats trying to out turn a zero.




To OP-There arent any more axis planes to add, especially considering that the entire axis team is flying around in essentially fictional 1.98ata 109K4s already. What should happen is the allies get P-47M.

I would love a P-47M and would pay to see it added, unfortunately I doubt we'll ever see it.

I'm sure people would complain and make excuses as to why it shouldn't be added.


One thing I would like to see on the Axis side is a Ta-152 or a Fw 190 A9.

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4 hours ago, Mac_Messer said:

Yes it was, just don`t tell me that your average gunner repeatedly could hit a single engine fighter from ranges up to 170m.

No but JU 88 gunners can. But your missing the point. 

Many of my gunner kills in pe 2 was done by me. Still ai get the Blame. 

And I have yet to see a yak driver cry from being butthurted by a JU 88

I dont see any complaints from axis side about the effectiveness of calibers when a P 47 is disintegrated by a short burst. 

It is not the gunners in pe 2. It is ai coding. Pe 2 simply got defensive guns with cahonas with too accurate ai in general. And a simplified dm with a tad over dramatic ammo effect. 

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I think the reason you don't hear it from the red side is because of the 109 seating position.


I can't remember many occasions where I was headshot by german gunners.  Usually it results in some (sometimes severe) engine damage; but very very rarely a complete lights out head shot like you get flying the 109.


If you're going to go after bombers on blue, you are better off going in an fw190 of some sort; because what is going to be a headshot in the 109, will just be an engine shot in the 190.

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