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TF Cliffs version 5:when?

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Just curious, any time frame for version 5?


The Dover Calais area only gets a little boring at times. According a steam counter i made it through some 50 hours, probably including long coffee breaks ....

I like the Hurricanes and Blennheims in  in there though. By now I long for the desert LoL.


In Flying Circus with the new Arras map one cannot shoot cows BTW it seems, which would be nice as they're just virtual only. Bloodless Murder.

So I am curious about the camels, at least they're 'ships of the desert", and if you can waypoint them to follow a route. And have virtual camel meat for desert.


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13 hours ago, =OT=Rollie said:


Heard it thru the grapevine that they don't won't 5.0 to clash with Bodenplate release. Expect Boden first then 5.0 maybe a month or two after.

maybe 5 years after...….if ever. It wont clash then!!

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Is coming
and is not dead

that's how it is

the rest makes no sense


will arrive on time

Not when the public wants

As much as you cry, speak badly or criticize

It will not come before for these reasons

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