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Junkers J52

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Just bought the Ju52. Great one BTW, well done, but i got some complaints from the passengers about the cold drafty winds coming from the always open passenger door LoL.

Containers for a red-cross dropping flight get all frozen up too flying over the Caucasus mountains ....


Ju52 medic.jpg


PS the gun man, a great extra option with Aunt Ju, was hired to defend the medics; he actually shot down the pestering U-2VS who was after the morphine on board ...


Now the Q : Can some one make a mod to get the door to open and close, maybe by using the Bomb door open/close function?


Even nicer would be a real passenger plane mod, some flight mission with a UN plane skin (not in WW2 yet?) for reconnaissance or even just tourists and journalists,

top gun position reserved for some camera man ...


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2 minutes ago, namhee2 said:

You can open and close the door, and you can also turn off the rear gun


Ah, great news, will look into that, i like this plane, who hasn't got it in the still ongoing sale: GET IT, it's worth every penny IMO !

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