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Looks like my CH Pro pedals are T.U.

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I've been going crazy trying to figure out what's wrong with my Pro Pedals, Pro Throttle, Combatstick setup.   I'll load a map and the 'download' button will vanish, so will the three 'mode' buttons (off, direct, and whatever).  


I've spent hours testing what's going on here.   It's looking like the problem does not happen if I do not have my Pedals plugged in.   I'll try and call CH and see what they say.   These are old, not sure I'd bother to fix them.  


Anyone out there using a different rudder pedal with a CH Stick and Throttle and their map software?  


I'm game to spend a lot more than a replacement set of Pro Pedals would cost.... for something more solid with better feel.   


EDIT:   The plot thickens.   I just read a couple of reviews at Amazon that said there is a well known compatibility problem with these and Windows 10.   Apparently CH will not address the issue and no longer supports these products.    Flight sims..... one nuisance after another.    It's funny... they worked for a few weeks.   But I just had a major Win10 update get pushed down to me, maybe that's what broke it.   

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Accord CH support Manager is no longer compatible with Windows 10 latest updates.

And will not be updated because their creator retire.


By, Why you need pedal included in profile?

Leve this out and assign direct in games GUI.


BTW - Joystick Gremlin is a viable alternative for "keyboard" emulation.


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CH Products.... needs a class action lawsuit.   


In the meantime I've found what seems to be a work around.   I have all three devices plugged in, open Control manager and it looks fine.   Then when I download a map it 'loses' the joysticks and nothing works.  


But if I then unplug the Throttle and Joystick, plug them in again it seems to work. 


But mostly.... it's random.  Very random. 




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