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Cooper's Eggs

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FC1: Anyone ever destroyed anything on the ground with a Sopwith Camel bombing raid?

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I assume it's a bug or early access issue that'll get sorted pretty soon.


It seems there's a couple of things going on.

First is that getting bombs to explode is currently a function of having correct Fuse setting.


Here's what i tested for the  Bristol. Large bombs and Coopers


1. 3s Fuse (default) - bombs didn't explode

2. 5s Fuse - bombs explode ok from all heights including ground level attacks

3. Contact Fuse - Bombs only exploded when released from above 650ft


Second issue is that to set the Fuses you need to have a Fuse Timer config box appear in Plane Settings after selecting bombs in Weapons loadout and hitting 'ok'


For ALL the Entente fighters that carry bombs, the Fuse Timer box doesn't appear in Plane Settings, so you can't change the default 3s fuse, which as per above, doesn't allow bombs to explode. It's possible that they will explode when dropped from a height i didn't test, but either way, they won't explode when dropped from low down - which is they only logical place to be bombing from in a fighter!



plane settings bristol.JPG

plane settings Camel.JPG

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I looked at all the Entente planes tonight and the timer was there for each one of them. I was able to set them to 3 seconds, 5 seconds, etc.

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