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hey guys I purchased the thrustmaster T16000M FCS and I cannot get it to work at all with the game.  I went on thrustmasters website and downloaded the config that they said works with it but it does not detect it.  Finally when I do change the up down left right in TARGET system the game recognizes it but the controls are weird.  if you turn left the plane keeps turning left until I take the joystick all the way to the right.  Same for turning Right and Up, Down.  If anyone has any way of helping me with this I would really appreciate it.  Thanks.  

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You don't need drivers neither TARGET for T.16000M work, just plug in USB, Windows install with HID drivers, test in game controllers (joy.cpl).


Or install only Thrustmaster drivers, that basically put a skin in game controllers, leave TARGET for later.


And if previous you are using another joystick, rename the file "Devices.txt" in IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\input\


After all are OK, take time to study how TARGET work and decide if it's worth using.


An if your game are STEAM version, in STEAM interface disable "Generic Gamepad Configuration support".


:umnik2:"99% of issues with joystick assignment in this game (and others similar) is PEBCK".:biggrin:


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2 hours ago, Melonfish said:

Don't use the target software, just plug it in via usb and then go into the settings and start setting your buttons and axis up.


Just plug and play... i.e. let the windows recognize it.

You will be delighted with precise Axes x / y / z !


And try to be as gentle as possible with your Z axes ( rudder ) hoping that it could twist and last 8-9 months instead of 6... Rudder potentiometer is rubbish, unbelievable crap in otherwise great joystick of mid class hardware !

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I made this profile for my T.16000M FCS & TFRP Pedals.


P.S.: It's mandatory to have a Headtracker.


I downloaded JoytoKey and:


Keyboard key LShift Function was binded as the modifier button

Keyboard keys = and - were binded for Zoom + and -

Keyboard keys A and Q were binded for Prop Pitch CW and CCW




I also use some keyboard keys as support for cockpit and external lights.



Thrustmaster T.16000M Hotas IL-2 GB.jpeg

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