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Stalingrad Bugged

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Hey everyone, I´m having some problems/bugs on the map of Stalingrad, first at all, when I import the file Stalingrad ALL Airfields, every airfield icon has this: Pitomnik??  Gumrak??, but this is only a Gui map problem. Firstly, I started on the air, and there wasnt any pilot on the plane with the external view, and I could cross the ground, instakilling my "pilot" invisible. 


When i try to start the mission on the parking, my plane doesnt exist on the mission like I was destroyed and nothing still there.


Terrain presset is set on Stalingrad, Gui map Stalingrad 1942, season winter.


Any solution to this? I tried to make again a mission on stalingrad and i had the same problem.

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Re. your plane problem, see the following in the editor manual:

  • The Player Cannot Enter a Plane in a Singleplayer Mission (pg. 185)
  • Player Enters Plane and Is Kicked Out or Plane Is Destroyed or Goes Underground (pg. 186)
    Re. this topic, also, check that the Height setting in the Mission Atmosphere dialog is within the allowed values for the selected cloud (pg. 206).


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