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It all looks like it's coming together very nicely.

Great thread so far.

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I'm still alive 😁


It's been a while since I've been able to work on this but I'm keen to finish it one of these days. To get the ball rolling again I mounted the bass shakers under the seat.


Unfortunately I didn't originally plan to use bass shakers so the install is a bit complicated. Plus only the small ones will fit. Oh well.




They'll get RCA plugs on them and connect to a box under the seat which will contain the amp.


Next I'm starting on the :wacko: throttle quadrant.

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On 10/15/2019 at 2:55 PM, lightbulbjim said:

This is my first time using the Virpil gimbal and I have to say I'm a little underwhelmed it. I'm using the progressive AviaSim cams and they feel quite rough. The Crosswind pedal cams by comparison feel very smooth. I'm guessing the reason the stick cams feel rough is long throw, small cams and hands are more sensitive than feet.


The axes are also not quite symmetrical in feel, which is annoying. I wonder why Virpil didn't go with a dual cam design to help with this.


All in all the gimbal feels like a downgrade from my Cougar U2 NXT. That gimbal is perfectly smooth with very nice progression. Not as adjustable though (although it is possible to adjust the centre position) and it's not really suitable for using with an extension.


I love your cockpit hoping to build another soon. I've been through so many iterations myself to get the ergonomics right and still haven't nailed it.


I have this same problem and so do many others. I've gotten a reply from Virpil and they are looking into it. It might help to join the other threads so they know how widespread this is:




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For my throttle quadrant I want to have throttle, prop and mixture controls. The throttle lever will have an F16 TQS with a bunch of other controls on it.


Some experimentation is required, so as a proof of concept I built a traditional quadrant.




It works pretty well. The main throttle arm is very smooth. The problem, which I expected, is that when I set the tension so that the throttle arm feels nice the smaller levers are too tight. I'll have to experiment with spacers and/or lubrication to see if I can get the feel satisfactory. Other than that I'm pretty happy with it and will probably keep it.


The ribbon cable from the TQS will run inside the arm and be invisible. I also need to figure out how and where to mount the analog sensors. I have some of these, they're hall effect sensors which behave like pots:




They should be easy to mount and will plug straight into my control board.


The only sad part is that I'll be cannibalising two of the sensors from my U2 NXT Cougar gimbal. It's a great gimbal (still works perfectly) but I won't have a need for a desktop stick once this is finished.


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