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[MOD] Realistic Clouds (Updated 2-9-2021)

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Of course we're all impatient, but let's let Rowdy work ! His task is difficult, but there is no doubt that he will win !¬†ūüėĄ


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Nothing wrong with having some rest from working on the clouds.

Spending so much time on them it might drive you nuts and before you realize it you start to identify yourself as a cloud. :wacko:

Then it is too late.




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I'm finally finished with the summer files. Redone all the light.bmp's and skydomes, cloud lighting and the sort. I think I finally got them right. Also fixed some issues with the 3D overcast too. Now I am currently working on the winter files, doing the same there as well. Here's some summer screens.





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So I am done with Summer and Winter files on V15, still have to do the VR version. Other things I have left is Cumulonimbus and winter 3D overcast. I also got quite a bit more FPS out of this version. Hopefully I get done here in a week or so :biggrin:. Hate leaving you guys hanging! Here's some more screens.







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32 minutes ago, rowdyb00t said:

Hopefully I get done here in a week or so

And if it's "or so" that is OK too.  This will be as worth the wait as anything you've done so far.  Those screens are J A W   D R O P P I N G !!!

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2 hours ago, Mysticpuma said:

Really like the landscape colours in this one, have you changed anything on the ground? Screenshot_20210414-225929_Gallery.thumb.jpg.d3cb60724d12ddcb1d6c1c0d5982abc5.jpg

  No that’s the Velikie Luki summer map. I only changed the river color. The lighting is changed with the cloud mod.

I have to say that they did an outstanding job on that map. 

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2 hours ago, BlackBadger said:

Have you reached out to the devs on this? I'd definitely consider adding this in the stock game by default!

I think it works like this...if the Devs are interested they will reach out.  Believe me they do know about this.

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