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KI-43 Recommendations/KI-48/Zero/KI-61


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A few items needing correction from the original IL2 1946 series.


The KI-43 in general has suffered immensely from tropes regarding the Zero, that is was IJAF Zero in all respects.


The KI-43A had a crude self sealing gas tank.  Not as good as Allied planes.


The first production batch of KI-43A's were prone to wing failure in violent maneuver's until wing strengthening took place in the field, and on the line.


The 12.7mm was classified by the IJAF as a 'machine cannon' due to the explosive cartridge that was fired from it.  Many Allied pilots mistook the 12.7 explosive round for 

IJN explosive round 20mm.  It was this round in the 12.7 that resulted in so many kills in the Burma theater.


The Japanese copied/modified an Italian 12.7 explosive round for use by the IJAF.


The KI-43II had an 8mm armor plate after X number had been built, on top of improved protected fuel tanks.


The cowling was incorrect for the KI-43III.


The IJAF pilots felt they had a chance in Burma with the KI-43II.   The flight model in IL2 1946 did not correlate.


Historically, I would be happy with just the correct modeling of the Japanese 12.7 machine cannon.


The KI-48 was an amazing light bomber, that could loop with an experience pilot.  It would be something to have available for flight and career use.  It is old school too with the rear open defensive mg that would be fun to use.


There is a Ki-48 on display at the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Moscow. The China Aviation Museum in Datangshan has a Kawasaki Ki-48 in Chinese Liberation Army Air Force colours. Some of the parts of the airplane are reproduced.  The Indonesian Air Force Museum is also known to have a Ki-48 in its collection.


The IJN Zero:


Prior to Sakai's death Microsoft hired him to model correctly the A6M2 in Combat Flight Simulator 2 (late 90s).  Flying the Zero in CFS2 vs. IL2 1946 the gap was significant.  In IL2 1942 you had to drop flaps to get the great turn ability.  I defer to experts here.


Sakai often said the top speed for the A6M2 was closer to 340-350 MPH.




The USAAF clearly stated this plane out classed the P40 in the Burma theater.  Going back to IL-1942 the P-40 was completely superior in all respects.


Going back to the 12.7 mm mg used by the Japanese, please include the explosive round it carried.



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