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GUI: information panel for tanks, techno-chat, and realism server settings.

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Maybe i run ahead the train and in future all options appear in game, but know i see that problem as a player and dedicated server admin:

1. Technical chat always ON in game and server have no option to turn off this.

2. On the over hand new information panel depends from "Instrument panel" option in server realism settings. I can't use only that panel without instrument panel.




If i turn off instrument panel in server and technical chat manually i have that problem: no information about tank damages, and about shells. Yes, i can see inside the tank and control how many shells i have. But if my transmission is damaged - i can't see it and my bot-driver no tell me about it. Then i open canopy and repair start - i must turn on technical chat to check it. OK, i  can leave it and just sometime stop and open canopy to start "check for repair". But, without information on right side of screen i don't know then repair end. And if i close canopy - repair stopped and then i open back hatch it start again. So if i not use technical chat i open hatch and wait 3 min for repair, for example. But if it must be 4 min, i broke my repair by the close my hatch and it will be start again for 4 min then i open it.

Is it possible to made new information panel turn on by the separate server option, not by the Instrument panel?

Is it possible to move also technical chat to server difficult option? But I understand it couse problem with repair information and shell type load information.

So, is it possible to teach AI-crew report by the voice to player about  tank conditions?

I like to play in "full-real" but it impossible now...



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when playing a simulator, there should be no prompts on the screen, only what the real crew could see.  I am for complete realism, but your proposal is an arcade.


I played on a tank without an arcade interface, it's possible




I would like the opportunity to disable the arcade interface completely, on my server! For all visitors to my server 

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