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Returning to '46 is a minefield!

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Seriously confused. Been a few years now since i had il2 46 installed. I used to fly every night and had all the latest updates/mods etc. Now I feel like I really want to get back into it, BoS just doesn't cut it sometimes. But what is the best version to be running, without and with mods? I've just bought the game on GOG.com which has allowed me to download 4.13.4m. Is that the final vanilla version? 


Cheers for any advice

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Latest "vanilla" version is 4.14.1.

But take care, 4.14 versions can seriously be considered malware, don't say you haven't been warned.


For mods the "all in one" pack of choice would be a vanilla 4.12.2 and then install BAT, all the way up to the latest version (which is BAT 3.6 "Blitz" at the time of writing this post):


This will get you to the update core version 5.00m and you will have almost each and every mod aircraft that has ever been added to IL-2 1946.


There's other modpacks available and YMMV, but that's the two which are under current development based on the latest and greatest core versions available.




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Posted (edited)

Hi Mike. I had 4.12.2, compiled from various buys and updates in the past. Tried updating this; no go above the 4.12.2 version (Vanilla updates?) on windows 10 64bit.


Just bought the complete Ubisoft version a new on a DVD, so i'd be sure to have all the files. (at 7.95 U$D including shipping, a deal one can't really refuse).


Now the just bought version won't run at all, have to find the cause ... see picture.


So I understand from your post that i should avoid the 4 followup updates 4.13 an 4.14.1 (Vanilla) altogether, and get your BAT versions from the link above instead . I'll try installing them later - Thnx, J.


ADDED INFO: Downloaded BAT and all add-ons versions up til 3.7.1. Wow, a lot, it works, buy graphically still not on par with Cliffs or BoX, and as i tried their A20: no unlimited bombing, which i miss as a still practicing rookie ..... But nice one is all those sometimes weird and unknown to me planes.


ERROR screendump:


new IL2 1946 startup error.jpg

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