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Flying on TAW/WOL in 4K resolution - weird graphical glitch

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Hi guys,


I used to fly on TAW and WOL with 4k resolution (3840x2160) but at some point I started experiencing weird bug/glitch/phenomenon which severly hampers the smoothness and fluidity of the game on these two servers. I dont have this issue offline or on KOTA, Combat BOX or Attention server. Switching to 2k resolution gets rid of the problem on TAW and WOL.


This glitch manifests in three major ways:

1. As soon as I spawn in the cockpit I notice that aprox. twice per second entire cockpit blurs a little and immediately un-blurs. It happens in a pulsating manner, blurs, unblurs, blurs, unblurs...It is most visible on the cockpit instruments.

2. Trees in the distance appear and dissapear in the same pulsating manner and at the same syncronized time/in sync.

3. With every "pulse" game stops for a frame or two so it makes the game stutter badly.


My specs: i7 8700K, 32GB RAM, 1080 8GB, Win 10 Pro, game installed on Samsung Evo 960 SSD - everything runs on stock

Monitor LG 27UD88 4K

Nvidia driver: 431.60

I never run any programs/apps except IL, TrackIR and Team Speak when flying online.


At the bottom are my graphical settings in game, this is how I used to fly on both TAW and WOL without this issue before.


And most importantly short recording of the issue. Check the trees in the background and the instruments...especially the temperature gauge...


Has anyone experienced this issue/glitch before? Any advice, help or suggestion highly appreciated!



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At first be description i thought Its Dynamic resolution factor kicking in tho because you have a great intel and GTX1080 im not sure why its turned on at all..
I thought Its Auto dropping res for some reason so you dont loose fps well trying to, but with that system you should not be loosing fps.
(tho this appears to be a different issue) 

Still tho on another note not really Regarding your Question. 
Can i ask Why are you running 4K Res But on balanced Preset and not Ultra as you have a GTX1080, 

If its a performance issue then...
- why is SSAO turned on as thats useless on balanced setting even ultra and only hampers FPS in a flight sim..
- shadows are on ultra but anything above medium is near pointless even @ 4K as they already too sharp. 
(imho you should not be able to see the shadow on the ground of a planes aerial wire from 2km above you, this happens on high+)

You should be able to make well over 60fps @ 3840x2160 on ultra using GTX1080 + 8700K using the following settings.

I Am Using these settings on GTX1060@2.1Ghz / AMD FX-8350@4.4ghz / WIN 7(sp1) / HDD(not ssd) / 
@ 2560x1440P DSR i get 65-120fps (Fast Sync)
@ 3840x2160P DSR i get 40-55fps. (Fast Sync)

(note using DSR on my 1K monitor has a higher fps overhead than using 4K on 4K screen) 

1- PC Power Profile High Performance. (very important) 

2 - Nvidia Control Panel Profile Setup for IL2.exe Specifically Not Global (very important) 
- Maximum Performance Power Profile. 
- Shader Cache on.
- Anisotropic and Anti aliasing to Application Controlled. 
- VSync - Fast Sync On.

3 - Game settings 
- Ultra Preset.
- 3840 x 2160.
- Fullscreen ON.
- Vsync Off.
- Fake HDR OFF.
- Sharpen ON.
- Shadows MEDIUM (high if must).
- Mirrors Complex (if used).
- Distant Landscape detail x 4.
- Horizon Draw Distance 150%. (max settings is 150? i forgot :D) 
- Landscape Filter - Sharp.
- Grass Quality - Ultra.
(this not only alters range of grass 100,200,300 units but also alters the resolution of grass,bushes,so on 1024,2048,4096 respectively) 
- Cloud Quality - High.
- Anti Aliasing 2-4x (tho i recommend Nvidia control panel FXAA with 2x ingame for GTX1080) 
- Dynamic Resolution Factor 1.0 (off) 
- Target FPS unlimited (off) 

4 - Enjoy flying a Fluid Game With what your pc specs are capable of 4K 60fps,
(unless something very very wrong, with Setup/ Os/ Hardware.)


Turn on GPU montior to see whats happening. maybe its throttling from heat. 

Mine throttled here to stock clocks 1987MHZ even when i needed the power because i reset power profile in Nvidia and forgot.


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Hi =TBAS=Sschatten14,


Thanks a lot for your answer and specific tips. Turning Dynamic resolution to Full did indeed get rid of the glitch.


To your first question. I primarily fly TAW campaigns during central european time evenings with 80+ pilots online. And while offline the 1080 can handle 4K on Ultra just fine, on TAW it is simply not the case. Just as for many others (as far as I know) heavily populated servers have significant impact on the smoothness of the game despite solid framerates. Lowering the settings helps alleviate the problem. So I fly online either 4K on Blanced or 2K on Ultra.


Regarding the HDR and SSAO, for some useless, for me it creates quite a difference in how the game looks and feels (outside of the plane spotting debate) Everyone's personal preference.

Regarding Vsync. Again personal preference and everyone's own perception of what the smooth and fluid gameplay is and should be like.

For me, nothing beats the smoothness that the ingame V-sync creates. Nvidia Fast sync on gets me higher fps but nowhere near the overall smoothness of in-game Vsync. My monitor is only 60Hz so when the V-sync keeps the fps at that number I get butter smooth experience.

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Don't put your system down like that :D 

The lack of FPS on TAW or other servers with lots going on is not your systems fault and NOT your GTX1080's fault (at most it would be cpu bound first)

But Actually the low fps and stuttering Is the fault of the system running the server..or the the case of the first one..
Too much added to map, Too many sciprts running,
trying to achieve things on a game server not built for it. 

Fasty Sync has less input lag and also zero tearing and should have not stuttering on your system unless something broken.
(it drops all frames over 60 it cannot sync) so even on 60hz screen you might pull 90-100fps with Zero tearing and faster control input than Vsync can ever Be.) 
by turning on Vsync you are Instanly Adding upto 100MS Lag to all your inputs and actions.


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I will look into it and do more testing offline and online. In-game Vsync OFF, target FPS OFF and Nvidia Fast sync ON. So far, I believe, I havent experienced what I should be experiencing with this setup configuration regarding the smoothness.


There is one more thing that could interfere in this matter, my monitor has built in FreeSync. I will test turning this feature on and off but what would you suggest should work better?

Thanks again  

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ohh yeah im sure free-sync or g sync better thats what people pay for..
i dont use them sorry. 

Just as shown above
Fast Sync is Faster than Vsync and there should be no real smoothness issues with fast on. 
But as its something paid for on a monitor then im sure Gsync and free-sync must be better. 

With your system if you turn off all Sync (allow tearing for test)
What is the FPS you get on your "Balanced" setup @ 4K with that very nice (i7 8700K, 32GB RAM, 1080 8GB)
Offline Quick Mission, parked on a runway with plane running (external view)
Should be well over 140-180fps? 

If you are then getting 40-60fps Online without Sync on a heavy server and its not smooth that is truly Shocking. 
i would not expect such a massive fps loss 


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