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OTT visual HUD: how enable/disable in game?

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How close/open OTT visual hud (showing FPS etc.) in the game? 

I would like to test performance in various situations but do not want HUD to see for all my game session.


Of course I can set HUD in in the OTT before I start the game but while I am in the game I would like to be able to close it or fire it again.

I tried to attach different hotkeys combinations in the OTT but it does not worked for me. 

I tried OTT voice commands as well but also not worked (may be due conflict with Voice Attack I am using for IL-2 commands).


I think HUD works like overlay and it seems to me that keyboard inputs do not work for overlay app...




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Tapi, I haven't tried any hot keys for bringing up the HUD in OTT. I only use it when I'm experimenting with new settings or updates, so I just have a RIFT controller on my lap and break out to Oculus desktop and tweak OTT from there. You're only out of the game for a few seconds. :)

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Posted (edited)

Ah, that simple? 🙂  I thought I have to close the sim, change OTT HUD seetings and then start the game again (that is not very short process).

I will try it, thx.

Edited by Tapi

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