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Empty campaign folder !? Where is everything kept ?

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Sorry, I am still quite new at the IL-2 world and community.

In IL-2 we seem to have one free campaign available by default.

But the campaign folder on the disk is empty !?

It seems the campaign progress is somehow linked to our accounts ?

That means that as a non founder we can not get access to individual missions we have not yet succeeded (like in an arcade game?)

However in e.g. DCS world any campaign mission (flown/succeeded or not yet-) can already be individually selected and must not necessarily be played sequentially.

How is this -paid for- campaign system implemented in IL-2 ... linked to an account and kept and downloaded that way ? 

Can't we simply skip campaign missions we are not able to fly successfully ?


Sorry, I ask a lot, I hope someone would be so kind to explain it in a few sentences.


Thank You so much !


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