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to window or not to window ...

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food for thought?: windowed mode?

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I use Borderless windowed mode for all my games. Vsync is a resource hog. Even for my new Sapphire Rx580. It kills my FPS too much.


Win10 comes with a build in "forced" Vsync solution. So I simply turn of ingame & graphics card Vsync settings and let Win10 do the job.


Result: better FPS, less spikes and lag´s and a overall smoother gameplay.

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48 minutes ago, JgonRedcorn said:

Borderless windowed has vsync enabled automatically? 


I have no idea, but I also use borderless windowed and have better FPS compared to fullscreen

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Either Im blind or that tearing doesnt happen to me, using Win7 btw.

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Whats wrong with Fullscreen? 
I have a "Low End PC" with average GPU and getting 75-100FPS on Ultra Preset on 2560x1440P
But i lock it to about 89fps.
Maybe double check all settings as windows 10 should be getting like 100-120fps on GTX1060 is its worth all the hype.

AMD - FX8350 @ 4.22 ghz (Cores unparked) (cheap board so i cant overclock to 5ghz Vregs took my skin at 4.5ghz) 
MSI GTX1060 @ Stock ghz (6gb Sadly on a pci-e 1.0 board)
16GB X 1875mhz DDR3 RAM.
Normal HDD only no SSD.
Ultra Preset 75-100FPS Online.. offline maybe 120fps (But edited configs)
- Nvidia DSR Sampling to 1440P on 1080P screen (22% smoothness) 
- No Ingame Anti Aliasing (see below) 
- Low shadows (medium is too sharp for personal taste i can see wires from planes 2km away)
- Forced 4K grass/trees/bushes/statics with low range grass 100m (Using config file fix normally 4K veg will only show if grass set to ultra 300M)
- Forced 16x AF on all Filter Mip/Min Levels (Using config file fix.)
- RESHADE 3.x with SMAA ULTRA Preset for Anti Aliasing. (in conjunction with DSR sampling)

Windows 7 set to run with best performance Aero Off (looks like windows 2000) 

My lowest fps is when my GPU randomly downclocked to 1100mhz from 1980mhz

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