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New Zealand Servers?

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@vortexringstate Dont worry too much about Finding a AU or NZ Server if you are worried about ping there is little to no point to worry and here is why..

IL2 PING is not like other games, Because its a Simulator and Not an MMO The Game Does all hits hit Calculations Client Side (and there is no cheat protections really).
(So there is no need for back and forth checks between your pc and server pc. )

So therefor with a 350ms ping to say WOL,KOTA Or Say a 250ms to combat box it only has to use HALF of the listed Ping time. 
175ms or 125ms respectively for your hits you fire to register on the server and for that person to die it only takes half of their ping time to server. 
So where you see them hit they hit, the person with the low ping receiving the hit will be the player who see's odd things, like you hitting him from impossible angles even tho it wasn't impossible on your end) 

Unlike "Other Games" where it's Server side  and The Server must check the shot packet you send , confirm that shot was legit and not a cheat then send you the hit conformation and show damage.
This can cause Aussies with 350 ping to RU Server of "other Game" to have a real ping time over 700MS  
This results in shots where they take Damage visually but nothing happens to their plane.

This means you can play on many IL2 servers even those showing 400ms ping and its faster than MMO's or FPS games to USA server with 240ms Ping
(after all its a flight sim you dont need 144 fps, 5ms input lag,  20ms ping to be competitive in a fighter nobody is jump sniping with a barrel 50cal from 1km in 25ms) 

Happy Flying Many Servers Around and popular.


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