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An ATAG event put together by DRock
Anyone is welcome to join, either with us or against us. ATAG will be flying Blenheims, Hurricanes, Beaufighters and Spitfires in this event.
No sign ups needed. No passwords.
Good luck, and have fun.thumbup.gif


ATAG ASSAULT No.1: Bomber Flight No 1
This is where the fun begins! The goal to take Bristol Blenheims from Rochford, and hit Campagne les Guines via Ramsgate. Depending on the group, we would then continue to Desvres. Landing either back on english soil, or if damaged, land at Boulogne. This is the whole mission so one could see the assembly and the flight to the targets[and home?].
aka The Great Spanking
Blue did a fantastic job defending the channel.

In this video you can see the skill whereas I lost my wing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRw4eoGgOUE

ATAG ASSAULT No.1: Bomber Flight No 2
This is the second flight of the event after being spanked quite hard. The ending is typical of how amazing event can be, and quite a surprise. Certainly one for the history books!



Also a perfect 3rd person shot of the ending is in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gm1oYZ_ym98 from 69th_Leart}{awk.

After making several bombing runs with mixed success we opted for: OPERATION SPANISH INQUISITION or How I learned to love the Moth We figured that no one would expect a flight of Tigermoths with their 20lb bombs to hit Marquise West.

This was so fun and incredible, I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for the next one, and will join again in a heartbeat!

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