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Can computer models replace real testing

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People have been using computer modelling to replace 'real testing' for decades.  Done properly, in appropriate circumstances, there is nothing wrong with it, if one understands its limitations. As to whether Boeing are using it properly, that is another question. One that I wouldn't wish to express an opinion on based around what RT has to say on the matter. Clickbait for the uninformed and gullible.

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10 hours ago, Mastermariner said:






I‘m sure RT is great at reporting about Boeing, regardless of the underlying issues. Link does‘t work though, but no need to.

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The problem with computer testing is that it's based on an assumption (model) that has so far been proven by various data points.

If the previous assumptions are wrong and they are tested with a flawed model, there is little chance that a flawed model will pick up flawed assumptions being made in the design process, using the exact model.


Validation is king. Always.


Beancounters have taken over Boeing and they're taking the company down the drain. Get rid of those clowns ASAP!

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