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TX-SQUADRON is recruiting!

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**TX-SQUADRON is recruiting! **


Established in 2001, TX-SQUADRON has been a long time fixture of many flight sim communities, in particular: IL-2, RoF, DCS, Condor, LockON, X-Plane, and FSX. Original IL-2 pilots will remember our TX-OC3 as the first privately hosted dedicated server to appear for IL-2, it was also the first scripted dedicated server, and the first to encourage ground attack and team play. Squadron members tend to be the sort of people that aim to contribute to the genre, and to help out the new guy...but of course we also like to kick some butt in the air but if you are still new, don't think that means you aren't ready to join up, come give it a try and see how it goes! Whether you are a new pilot looking for some top notch training or a veteran looking for a team play oriented group to call home, get your TeamSpeak loaded up and come fly with us!


Many of our members have worked in sim development, beta testing, as well as been content creators for various flight simulations. I worked on both RoF as well as IL-2 and I'm happy to see that 777 and 1C have merged as both teams comprise some of the best there is!


TX-Squadron has a public TeamSpeak server available for Squadron and friends usage in many different games. 


Check our our forums for more info: http://www.txsquadron.com/forum/index.php






Black 1 

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To clarify, you don't have to live in TX and it does not stand for Teaching Xylophone. 

Good to know that about y'all.   I'm from the Republic of Texas.   ;)

Might oughta mosey on over to your site and throw a howdy at ya... :)

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Howdy Pudfark, yes please do.


If you've got TeamSpeak 3 feel free to join us on our TS3 server, it can be found at, no password is required.

All we ask is that users set up a push to talk rather than voice activated coms.


Oh and thanks Kingsnake, many people do seem really disappointed about the lack of xylophone instruction we provide..I guess we should work on that! 

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So I just randomly found out there's a new IL2 game in the works (looks amazing btw!) and wound up here and I see this!!


Such fond memories. Wow, so many familar names!! I haven't seen you guys in 10 years. Almost everyone is still active from the IL2FB days? Amazing!





formerly, TX-Seeker

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Hey guys, just an update to let everyone know that TX-Squadron is recruiting! 


As I said earlier, membership in TX Squadron is contingent upon a good personality fit with our existing members and overall sportsmanship more than any particular combat skillset.


If interested in applying for membership, please send myself or any other TX member a message. 

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LuftGangsta challenges TX for a friendly team vs team match !


platform- IL2:BoS

Match composition:

Champion duels - 4 best players from each team fight 1vs1 standard duel

Combat pairs - 2vs2 game

Team combat - 4vs4 game


Check pm for details.


Waiting for reply!  :)

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Salute TX-Squadron,


Im an old friend from why back. You may know me as STS_GreyWolfe. I tried to get reg on your web site but no joy. I also found what looks like an old TS3 ip thats not active.

If you guys are still flying I would like to get back online with you all.


Thanks Salute Wolfe

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