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I would like to make an embarrassing announcement. [edited]


Ahem. cough. * shuffling feet *


After months of agonising over the game I have decided to reinstall Rise of flight.


Thank you for understanding. I am not worthy etc. * squeaking of wheels as Nieuport N11 rolls out of shed, dirty rag is yanked off Lewis gun... *







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51 minutes ago, Geronimo553 said:

you...did what?




Finally got on to NFF server 1, and bagged the same pilot, in a DR1, twice !

They rage quit out. Oops.


N I E U P O R T !!!!  ( N11 one cruddy beautiful  Lewis gun )


The old magic is still there! ( feels like flying an india rubber mattress but hey... )


Woohoo let the slow times begin !!!!

Look out! Planks about! ( cough )





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