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500 Subscriber Special - Giveaway Contest & Livestream Event


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Hey guys,

I am organizing a giveaway event as part of a celebration of my channel hitting 500 subscribers and have thought up a little contest

Whats this then?

In order to participate you need to record & upload your most awesome, luckiest or outright retarded/hilarious online kill in either Cliffs of Dover or Rise of Flight. Send me a link to the video and that's it, I will pick my Top 10 of which the first three will receive rewards

1st place

A copy of Cliffs + Rise of Flight Channel Battles Edition + 2 DLCs for it

2nd place

A copy of Cliffs + Rise of Flight Iron Cross Edition

3rd place

A copy of Cliffs

Even if you own one or both of these sims you can always gift them to a friend, the more people into flight sims the better

When does the submission deadline end?

I am planning this to run until the 11th of April. Depending on participation this might be extended further! To clear any confusion: You can also submit videos of kills that have been achieved in flights prior to this event!

Further information

After the end of the event once I have picked the winners and top ten there will be a special video once again announcing the winners and featuring all of the top ten videos. Also I am planning for a YT livestream event in which I together with a squadron mate will take two volunteers up for a few flights in Cliffs of Dover. In order to be eligible you of course need to own the game as well as posses a microphone as well as Teamspeak so that we can actually communicate with each other. I think that should be good fun, I'm aiming for some epic & hilarious flights.



If you've got no clue as to how record footage ingame then here's a small tutorial I made explaining step by step how to use the free OBS video capturing software.


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The Giveaway Contest is over, thank you to everybody who submitted a video. It has been incredibly difficult to pick a Top10, let alone a Top3 because I enjoyed watching every single video. I hope you enjoy this compilation as much as I do, here are the chosen:

10th place: Marc Neutelings
9th place: 71st_AH_Bowsewr
8th place: DressedWings
7th place: Jeffery Cole
6th place: JG4_DUI
5th place: 4./JG26_Reinhart
4th place: LG1.Farber
3rd place: JG4_skylon
2nd place: DrZeeebra
1st place: ATAG_Lolsav


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