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Ancient China - Roleplay

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I’ve started recruiting players for a campaign set in the ancient China, or more specifically, the time of the famous Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Player characters will embark on an adventure in the southern part of Liu Bei’s country, fighting barbarians and rebels, uncovering plots, catching spies and generally pacifying the untamed lands so that they may prove useful to the noble Liu Bei and support his struggle for a unified China. 

I plan to have a dynamic world, where players’ actions change the landscape of the land, which would still remain realistic with masses of refugees and Liu Bei’s support. Players will make vital decisions on the province’s development and perhaps in the future, they may even be put in charge of it.

Overall, I plan a realistic campaign, with a lot of roleplaying but also quite a bit of fighting - things can sometimes be avoided by diplomacy, but people like the fanatical Yellow Turbans are unlikely to negotiate. Similarly, while mental skills will be useful to uncover spies, they will try to do everything to escape so expect hired bandits and traps along the way. 

Should you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them.



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