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Wheel brakes in twist rudder or paddle axis.

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Who have a joystick with twist rudder (e.g. Gladiator, T.1000M...) or throttle with paddle lever (e.g. TWCS, X-36/45...) but use rudder pedals, can use the twist or paddle axis for control "Wheel brakes".


Just set this axis for "Wheel brakes" and tweak with IL-2 game controls options result that wheel brakes start pressed  ~25% or move up to only  ~75%.


With DView (an "ancient" calibration tool provided by Logitech) set this calibration for that axis - in the example "Rotação X" axis:




This make that only half of axis (I use twist for left) move wheel brakes from 0 to 100%. 


Since only half of axis is used, the axis resolution is reduced in 50%  - from 1024 to 512, but 512 this is 2x the resolution (8 bits) of CH controllers, that some people swear that is "precise enough", and for a secondary control like wheel brakes more than sufficient.


BTW - Whit this method Wheel brakes will be more "effective" 😈 in T.16000M, because the resolution of their twist axis is 256 (8 bits) and will be reduce for 128, but still better than press a button or key. :good:





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