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Sorry to say .... 303_kwiatek RiP

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Thats terrible news, my condolences to all of his family.


He made some great mods for the old il2, and was heavily involved in the fm's of many of the mod planes, did an excellent job with the western front fm's.


He was also very helpful and friendly whenever we conversed about stuff, from time to time over the years.


Very sad indeed.

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The design of the airplane does not seem to be the most stable, and the fact he flew it tells me he was not a novice pilot. 

I can imagine a engine failure would be hard to handle in takeoff.

Hope they find the reason, and condolences to the family.

Tradgic and sad news indeed 

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Very, very sad to hear. I had another non-simming friend pass away recently as well. Life is short, try to have fun guys. At least he was doing something he enjoyed in his final moments. Still, very sad to see. RIP Kwiatek! Our sincere condolences to his friends and family. 





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