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2013 Lowland Tiger Meet


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Lowland Tiger Meet 2013, March 21-24, at WZZRD Enschede
The Netherlands


Salute, fellow flightsimmers!

The following will mostly apply to European members, but it will be worthwhile for anyone who can make it.

After a one year hiatus, the Lowland Tiger Meet is back in town. The Lowland Tiger Meet is a major flightsim event in northwest Europe. It's a LAN 'party' that lasts up to 4 days, and that is open to visits from the general public, sponsored by major hardware and software developers, and offers casual flying as well as serious competition. Most of all, though, it's a place to meet your fellow flightsim enthusiasts and enjoy your hobby together.

Two years ago, Rise of Flight made its debut with a demo table, where many simmers and visitors managed to try out our beloved FlightSim, and generous 777 sponsorship made sure that all (!) LLTM participants went home with a Rise of Flight ICE edition.

This year, there will be a full blown Rise of Flight section that will offer a lot of engaging flying fun: including a number of coop and competitive mission specially created for the event, and we hope to offer sponsored treats and prizes for participants again just like two years ago.

So, we are looking for participants. The more the merrier. You can be part of one of the major flightsim events in the world, get the rare chance to meet your flying colleagues in their natural environment, show everyone how great our simulator is, and just have an all-round good time.


Of course, the event will include more than just Rise of Flight, and there will be people playing many simulators including Falcon 4, the DSC series, and of course IL2 1946 and Cliffs of Dover, including competitive events. These events have in the past been joined by the Flying Barans squadron, part of which is now heavily involved in the development of Rise of Flight and the new IL2: BoS.

There will be sleeping arrangements and a buffet available for a very reasonable price. Registration isn't open yet, of course I'll post here when it is.

You bring your own gear...in the past there have been practically no problems with theft or damage, and security will be looking after it at night.

If you can make it, we're really looking forward to your presence, because together we can make something special out of this.

Read about the 2011 LLTM, and RoF's debute, on SimHQ:


I'll keep this thread updated with any news on the event.

SeBur's 'Black Box'

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Free channel map for all participants!




Registration is open!


Go here to register: you can register for the event and any night for which you want accomodation, and also lunch and dinner.





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Some bad news. I'm sorry to say that the LLTM2013 has been canceled.

The reason is a lack of participants, not just for RoF but other sections as well.

We'll continue preparations for an exciting LLTM2014, somewhere around April next year.

If you have registered, of course you will get a full refund, ICE will contact you for this.

We're sorry for any arrangements you've had to make to be able to join us.

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