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3000 steps condensed into one simple performance guide

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Good info, great tips Geronimo. My outdated R7 360 GPU all of a sudden doesn't stutter any more.  But someday i'ii get a card that can show when one needs to cut the grass, and maybe shoot a lawnmower or two.


PS read somewhere that GTX 1080 ti GPU cards are not suited for MBs of some newer type. Also:



The replacement seems built of lesser quality and durability:


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I was banned because my reshade was an old version(1.1). Now i've installed the new version and it run without problem in the servers, but I would to know if is possible to play without antialiasing checked in the game options, in order to get better performance. I tried to uncheck it, but the game crash when i try to play in a session or a quicky mission. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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You do not need antialiasing 2x enabled to use Reshade that is completely false sorry.
I have been using resahde on IL2 for last 3 years without Anti Aliasing.

If you do need it then its a Bug with Windows 10 or some administrator rights issue or maybe you are using that trashy Geforce Experience it breaks everything.

I recommend Reshade 
Works with Windows 7.
Works with windows 10. 
Works with IL2 Flawlessly without Anti A 

Like for all Games last couple years. 
You MUST Setup an Nvidia Profile Specifically for IL2.exe and Set Correct Settings.
Having the wrong things forced in here can and will crash RESHADE! 

- Reshade can conflict with other Game Overlay like Steam Overlay , Teamspeak Overlay, Geforce Experience Overlay. 
- For SMAA to work Best it should be Ordered to Last Item in list always (so its the last shader processed after all others)

1 - Run Game and Turn off Anti A, HDR & Close Game.
(if you want to use fake HDR Then reshade has faster / better shader) 
2 - Install Reshade (select Dx10+)
3 - Only Install shaders Needed Not all of them (so like SMAA, ToneMap, Vibrance, Clarity
4 - Run the Game Offline, Follow the reshade Tutorial and Set it up. 
5 - Re-run the Game in Online Mode and Have Fun. 


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