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3000 steps condensed into one simple performance guide (plus spotting)


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Hi All I did was to make sure everthing was ticked in the options list, I didn't do this in the first install so some filters was missing.


hope this helps

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I've had some pretty nasty struggles with spotting (small screen and small dots resulting in having to stare almost directly at, and thus scan 3-inch square sections of my screen to notice a moving dot), so I finally got reshade to work (it crashed on startup, but turned out to be as simple as renaming some configuration files).


Because my screen is on the small side (1080p 17" 144Hz), spotting dots themselves is incredibly difficult, so the way to go for me was to lean on sharpening to create halos around sharp objects, which made spotting at a distance, my main issue, much easier. I left most of the settings in the beta 2020 file as-is, but also tweaked some myself.


Compared to the latest file (found on page 6), here's what I found had improved results. I only found the latest file when I came here to write up my settings, and haven't yet compared the results of the latest file to my personal settings, but I've found mine to be very effective. It works by creating halos/shimmer around targets, so if that's something that you don't want, you probably shouldn't do this. Personally, I've found this to make spotting much easier while scanning an area, rather than having to stare at a given area. The slight shimmer of the halo around spots is eye-catching, which helps make up for my small screen, but like I've mentioned isn't particularly pretty.


Here are my changes:

  • Curves changed to chroma mode and exp formula
  • LumaSharpen sharpening strength increased from .300 to .805, and offset bias increased from .700 to .796
  • DPX was left as-is
  • Added Vibrance (or more accurately didn't remove it), set to .148
  • I turned off fake HDR, as colors were saturated enough for my taste already (note: not present in the latest file)
  • I added the new filter, Filmic Anamporphic Sharpen
    The settings below result in very strong sharpening, but only on very small edges/objects. This tends to make small objects (like distant aircraft, some canopy scratches, some specific rivers borders, and certain trees) POP in comparison to their surroundings.
    • Strength was turned up to 100, the maximum value
    • Radius was reduced all the way to .02-.03
    • Clamp was turned up to 1.00, the maximum value.
    • (If you go into the debugging setting, you can view the sharpen pattern, and see the results of tweaking the values)


EDIT: I believe the anamorphic sharpen will actually sharpen the thin, already-sharpened edges, which means the curves and/or lumasharpen primarily determine what anamorphic sharpens. I think this is the case because I still noticed very strong sharpening on the edges of enemy aircraft at fairly close range.


It sacrifices some realism and aesthetics for improved spotting. If I found the game's spotting bearable without doing this, I wouldn't. However, I don't, so I do. I still wanted to make planes pop out as much as possible, while ruining the appearance of other things as little as possible. This is why I recommend the Filmic Anamorphic Shapening filter so much. When you turn radius down very low and heavily increase clamping, the sharpening effect only really kicks in on very small objects, so you can increase the sharpening effect on distant enemies very heavily with minimal detriment to the overall picture.

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Does this work with VR or does something special need to be done for that?

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I think this thread may be more up do date for us VR flyers



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