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HerrMurf Benevolent Society Round 6/Closed

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Items will "ship" on Sunday


Happy Spring Sale Giveaway,


It's been quite a while since my last giveaway so it's time. I'm not flushed with cash or anything but I had some spare change and I decided to contribute to the community I enjoy so much. I looked at my founders badges and was self-shamed into making some purchases for myself and decided that wasn't good enough. I figure I run my mouth around here enough I should put my money behind my praise and critiques.

Now, hold your horses fighter jocks! There are rules here and they are as follows:



1. First come, first serve – items will be distributed within 96 hours. This is longer than usual becuse there have been some problems with rules violations in the past.
3. You must own the game to receive Aircraft.

4. You may not already own the aircraft you apply for.
5. Don’t ask for “a friend” 
See rule 1
6. You may not have received any give aways from me in the past (and yes I will check).
7. You should not have received any giveaways from others as this is intended to expand the player base (but I have no way of verifying that – be honorable.)
8. I expect you to activate them immediately and to actually use the items from the giveaway.




Read those rules in orange one more time before you apply.

Items will be given away in two phases as I am waiting for some items to resolve through the purchase app and receiving the digital keys. Items available in PHASE ONE are as follows:

1. Fw 190 A3 Collector Plane

1. Yak 1b Collector Plane

1. Bf 109 G-6 Collector Plane

1. La5FN Collector Plane

1. Battle of Moscow - Premium Edition (I would prefer this is for someone who does not own the game yet.)




So, there it is. I do this for a number of reasons:

Firstly to give back to a community which I enjoy flying with/against so much. Secondly to support Jason and the genre we love. I occasionally have the time, interest and finances to do these, though, I am not rolling in dough by any stretch of the imagination. I hope it goes a little ways to get to the Pacific and my favorite rides (PBY someday?) moving forward just that little bit more. And, frankly, it makes me feel good.

Enjoy and good luck



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54 minutes ago, II/JG17_HerrMurf said:




Do you own one of the flight modules? Your bar(s) only indicate tank crew.






I have IL-2 bos, Il-2 bom games steam version and Tank Crew. 


In the future i want to buy Flying Circus but i wait for a small discount.  


Now i wish to have Fw 190 a3 or G6. 

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Thanks for focusing this giveaway on the newer players specifically HerrMurf. They are sure coming out of the woodwork. lol   


Also thanks for continuing the community spirit. 👍


For the newer players unsure what to decide if they win. I suggest the Bf 109 G-6, La5FN Collector Planes, or battle of Moscow.
(the collector planes have less sale periods during the year and BoM premium edition is the best value)


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Great initiative! Anyway seems like the Phase One should have ended by now, so wonder if it would not be a good idea to call it as some people are still posting here. I was too late as well and I am really looking forward to seeing Phase Two! Thanks again! : ) 

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Good Morning all,


All of the items have been sent;


Manzanita - La5FN

BarryDem41 - Moscow

COSG_Paul - Bf190 G-6

GeoWeb35 - Fw190 A3

HerrBree - Yak 1b


Sorry they were a bit late. Home life kinda took over there for a moment. Please activate them and enjoy.



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