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Why I have a hard time on Prokhorovka map.

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This was my first flight on the Prokhorovka map and it was, to say the least, not pleasant. I had this recording laying around though and here we are. Note: I have since lowered my graphics so the lag isn't there, but the ping definitely is. Hope you enjoy!


Edit: This video is for entertainment purposes. 

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  This map is an important step in the developers map technologies because the polygonal net of the landscape is 16 times more detailed than on previous maps. In addition, the detailed zone for ground warfare (20 km to the South and the West of Prokhorovka) contains new high detailed buildings with new damage visualization.


   It should be noted that this more detailed environment, of course, demands more from the graphics subsystem, but reasonable graphics settings can give you good performance even on middle range video cards. You may ask "Why don't you make all the new maps at this level of detail?", but the answer is that increasing the level of detail reduces the overall size of the map. A good map for the joint tank and air battles (100 x 100 km in case of Prokhorovka) would be not enough for a full-blown, 'air campaign' map that should be 200 x 250 km minimum.


   Therefore, Prokhorovka map is a fine balance of several things. It allows making interesting tank campaigns, having interesting joint tank and aircraft multiplayer, keeping the performance impact 30% or less at reasonable graphics settings, and having improved visual quality at the ground level required for the ground battles.

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@Thad Thank you for the explanation of the reason I could not (initially) run this map effectively. I however made this video for lols and what not. I hope you enjoyed!


Kind Regards,


P.S: I am actually glad we have maps for air battles and now a map for ground battles.


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