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Wing Walkers Virtual Combat Squadron


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  • 8 years later...

Updating the information supplied by WWHappy a bit (sadly, he is now a member of our Heavenly Flight.) 


The "Wing Walkers virtual Squadron" is still going strong, coming up on our 30th Anniversary next year. That's right... 30 years of flying various combat flight simulations, from our start flying Sierra Dynamix's "Red Baron" on The Sierra Network (via 'high-speed' dial-up at 2400 bps!) to the latest iterations of the IL-2 Great Battles series, the DCS franchise and others. There are very few flight sim groups who can boast decades worth of longevity. We believe it's because we have a great group of members who all contribute and participate in the squadron's daily life. We've become family. Feel free to stop by and visit.


Once a Wing Walker, Always a Wing Walker


The Wing Walkers' Home




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