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EffeDB: IL2GB_SoundModder, a tool to listen & modify all sounds in main.fsb

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This Tool is the evolution of the previous IL2_Intros.exe and lets you listen and easily modify all the sounds in 'main.fsb': 

not only the Intro Music but every other effect of your preferred airplane (engine, machineguns, burst, etc.). 

As always you only need to maintain the original format (16bit pcm wav) and their Time Length.
You can copy it everywhere (even a UsbKey): no installation is needed.


Warning: this version works with the old main.fsb file. For the new Masterbank.bank , please see the latest version below.


Download:  https://mega.nz/#!2zBSmYpY!y0DzqRZejK1kLPUB3MmS9vhNgE3vNdVezgkRcszhygM

Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTrHKs8TM0c&feature=youtu.be


Bug reports, questions, comments, tips  and likes ... are welcome. 🤪






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Very nice tool. Made some changes and played around, it was fairly easy to use.


What I realized is that the audio samples for the game are much better quality than I thought. However the way they are mixed and tuned seems to be the part where the quality goes down, they seem too muted in-game. The game sounds need more treble overall (for my taste).

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Hello there,

the new sound system no longer uses main.fsb
I looked around: it's possible to unbuild masterbank.bank, but the rebuilding doesn't work.
If someone has useful information to share, please contact me.
I'd really like updating this nice tool.
Otherwise that boring and politically correct refrain will accompany us till the end of the days.


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finally I found a solution. Now Masterbank.bank can be unpacked and repacked. 

I added a lot of interesting sounds from IL2-1946 SA modded  version... Tiger33 wavs too.

Enjoy and let a like if you like.


Download link:




Youtube video here:



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Thank you alot for this program. So useful. The first thing I would like to put in are flybys like the ones of the master, Tiger33 for il2 1946. That I cant see how is possible here. There arnt spesific soundfiles for flybys in box but rather it render an outside sound. If you could crack that my friend and replace it with tiger flybys you would become a god to many. We would worship you. Your program is so good for all the rest. The second thing i would like to change are less wind db etc to suite me. Not saying the original sounds are not good or unrealistic, but is a game, my game, and I find the wind level of db to much after a few hours. Great program. I found a working solution to have tiger33 flyby. Not a perfect solution but better than stock flyby which are so weak and uninspiering. I use a soundboard and map my flyby key ingame to the same on the soundboard that will play tiger33 file. Like I said its not perfect and you would have to be at a certain speed to match the length of the flyby file with ingame sequense, but still, awsome and brakes the boredom and give a little ingame kick.

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Hi, fortunately I don't want to become a god for anyone. 
Many people asked me about flybys. I suspect they are a composition of different wav files and you're right, they are not packed in Masterbank.bank
As you can see in the \...\Data\luascripts\sound\planes\*.cfg files, many lines refer to unknown wavs. 
Where are they? I don't know.

I'm afraid this problem is caused by the ungtp.exe behaviour: an old unpacker, not able to complete its work. That's the point: a newer, powerful version of it, would be necessary.
We could also change the parameters inside *.cfg files, but no one in the forum seems to know precisely their meaning.
What a shame for 1CGStudios, anyway! MicrosoftFS2020 has just released some fantastic news about their incredible sound packets. So... 


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Maybe i do something wrong but i cant change any sound file of the MasterBank file.

I got errors when i wanna rebuild the new MasterBank file with new sound files (exact same length and same format and bit depth).

i tried also to extract the MasterBank file with the fsbext tool (https://github.com/gdawg/fsbext) but it want a password for encryption.

It would be great if someone could help me or have some ideas to solve the problem.



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Don't be fool ... fight the ChinaVirus Flu!!!


Directly from the Milan redoubt.

Hi, on my computer the actual version of SoundModder works perfectly with IL-2 GB 4.004 release.
I made some substitutions without problems. 
- For example: the Intro.wav works?
- Have you saved your wavs with the 16bit pcm format?
- Have you verified if the error is present with other sound files or only with P&W R-2800_Prop1.waw?

- fsbext tool doesn't work with *.bank files.  I created SoundModder just to solve that problem.

- The message indicates an error connected to WWPSU45Ix86.dll library, that allows to calculate the 
  time length of the wav files. This library has to be present in the same folder of IL2-GBSoundModder.exe
  It could be corrupted: replace it with the one in the rar file you downloaded and try again.

- Check even the existence of \...\fsbext\MyFiles\Empty.wav  
  There's no sound inside it, but it has to work and its very important.

- Finally upload on the forum your P&W R-2800_Prop1.waw (the one you have modified, on the right listbox).
- I'll download it and try to reproduce the same error.

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First of all thank you for your fast answer and your help.

I always got errors when i try to rebuild MasterBank, with or without changes in wav files. Also when i delete a file which i have importet to the source list.

There is no the Empty.wav in fsbext\MyFiles, only a timer.dll. (i redownloaded soundmodder again to be sure).

The length of the wav is the same as the origianl has.

The 3 dll files are always there when i first startup a clean and new extracted version of the Soundmodder.



P&W R-2800_Prop1.rar

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1. As I wrote, you have save all your wavs in 16bit pcm format !!!!
   I downloaded your wav and it is not.
   Open it in Audacity.exe (free, open source software) and export in this format.



   As you can easily verify with an Hexadecimal Reader, your  P&W R-2800_Prop1.wav is different from my P&W R-2800_Prop1'.wav
   I uploaded P&W R-2800_Prop1.wav in the right format.



2. Empty.wav is a default file that should be always present in Masterbank.bank ... Otherwise, the unbuilding process has been incorrect.
   Check if the size of fsbext/MyFiles/ folder and the number of files inside it are the same of those in the following image.
   I even uploaded my Empty.wav file




3. When you save a wav file from WorkList to Masterbank Sound List, it has to be selected even in Source List.
   In this way there is no possibility to make a mistake writing its name.  I don't see that in your interface image. 


4.  Your interface image is different from mine: fonts and positions are not the same.
    Check in your c:/.../windows/fonts if you have Lato.ttf and Oswald.ttf fonts. I think not. If so, download mine and try to install them.




5.  I uploaded even a WWPSU45Ix86.dll library for 32bit systems. Put it near WWPSU45Ix64.dll, in case you have a 32bit system.

6.  There are a lot of information about WWPSU45I libraries, but they are very technical and... I don't think you are interested to them.
    Anyway the address to look at them is the following:



Good Luck.





Files to Download:






I  Overcome  5MB. Try to create the right P&W R-2800_Prop1.wav by yourself.

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  • 10 months later...

This still works. I used it even in assetto corsa, rise of flight and tried it on il2 blitz but there I could only open the fsb file with the fsb version of soundmodder. I changed the intro melody in il2bos but its not perfect since it has to be the same length as the default intro waw file and that was 19 seconds. Is there a way to make the game accept longer waw files? Some ini or cfg file etc?

I tried to open the core.bank file in il2 blitz but no go. I tried to rename it to MasterBank.bank but same result.

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I have an old version of Cliffs of Dover Blitz: there are core_bank01.fsb and bob_banko1.fsb and I don't have Assetto Corsa or Rise of flight.     Does it works there????

Actualy I've not time to play videogame at all. 😒

Probably I could free download  the last version of Cliffs of Dover Blitz from Steam.     We'll see.

These tool are written just for IL2BOS: the first one modifies the old version of audio file (main.fsb) and the last one the new version (masterbank.bank)

Anyway, a shorter wav file can be extended by using Audacity.exe  It's not very difficult, just a bit of trials at the beginning.

I don't promise nothing, but if you send me the fsb or bank  or vaw file that gives you problem, maybe I could help you.



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