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Oh yes?!

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Updating game client,  486 mb,  update for fixes or an april fools surprise? 😄

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- Fw 190 Dora: fixed a bug with small boost values when the MW50 is turned on on winter maps
- Fw 190 Dora: corrections to the text labels in the cockpit and exterior
- Fw 190 Dora: the description of the aircraft corrected, technochat message while adjusting the thermostat made clearer
- Fw 190 Dora: fuel pump buttons are animated now
- Fw 190 A-5 and A-8: engine thermal model corrected
- Bf 109 K-4: 4K textures created by Martin =ICDP= Catney added to the game
- Blazing Steppe campaign is available in German (translation done by Ralph =ram0506= Mahlmeister)
- Static plane durabilities corrected for Prokhorovka and other maps
- Singleplayer missions for tanks the player doesn't have won't be displayed in the game
- Ground vehicle column pathfinding improved
- Fixed display of shells for static model BM-13
- Minor text corrections

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