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Sound Effects of Bullets impacting on other aircraft

Bullet impact SFX on other aircraft  

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  1. 1. Do you want to hear own bullets impacting on another aircraft in IL-2 BoS?

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Hi all,


Would like to hear your opinions about hearing your own bullets impacting other aircraft when you're in your own cockpit with the engine running and canopy closed. 


The sound effects itself are nicely done, but you'd never hear that in real flight. IL2 BoS is doing a great job avoiding the typical 'sound radar' you have in many other sims/games where you hear another aircraft's approaching - you'd not hear that and you don't in this sim. Consequently I'd prefer not to have these sound effects as well.


What do you think?


Awaiting your opinions, and please vote in the poll!




P.S.: Posted as suggestion here

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I don't know if is completely realistic,

BUT if y you drive a F1 car, surely you can hear the explosion of  stick of dynamite explosion up to  300- 400 meters.

The high explosive ammunition for  Russian,  German  and British ammo, it's like dynamite Explosion inside and out the plane. 

We should not underestimate the power of the explosive ammo. 

The sound is not totally unreal for HE .

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I am not convinced that with the roar of your engine and a 150 meters distance you can hear the impact of yours bullets hitting the target and I am not speaking about 1000 meters distance...even more so if you are in a clossed canopy.

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Even if you could (which you can't), there should be a noticeable time delay between the visual impact and the sound you would hear. This is not the case the way it's now done. 


Anyway, hope the devs will try this out for themselves and at least let us have the option (although I favour the 'No' option more). I find this aspect of flight in a highly powered noisy aircraft fascinating, there's an eerie quality about the world outside being completely silenced out from the noise of your machine, a bit like all the drama going on outside your cockpit happening in another, distant world. It also explains why so many were shot down from close behind completely unawares, didn't notice a thing until their crate started falling apart...



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Lets be honest, +/- 1500 hp engine and wearing head phones plus a closed canopy you wont hear a damn thing apart from your engine :)

And I always wore earplugs to block out as much of that as possible too.

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