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Tacview 1.7.6 is available


Download: http://tacview.net/download


  • Release Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2019
  • Operating System: Windows® 32-bit / 64-bit
  • File Size: 269.0 MB


This intermediate release brings a lot of fixes and improvements requested by both the community and professional users.


While I am focusing more and more on the development of Tacview 2.0, it is going to take some time before we can put our hands on a first beta version. Meanwhile the Tacview 1.8.0 is already on its way and will continue developing further the capabilities required for professional military debriefings, like a brand-new real-time shot log which will eventually replace the aged flight log.


Tacview 2.0 conception phase is still open, so feel free to share your ideas and suggestions here. Even if everything single whish may not be granted, be assured that I am always taking all your feedback in consideration.


Fly safe!


Release notes




  • Improved support for VRS Tacpack/Superbug, vACMI & FSX@War (special thanks to Asid [D.O.W])
  • Integrated Aegean 2.4 for BMS
  • It is now possible to edit object properties by right clicking on it in the 3D view
  • Added preliminary support of DCS: F-14 Tomcat
  • Added preliminary support of DCS: MiG-19P Farmer
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to quickly change playback speed
  • Increased mouse wheel zoom resolution
  • Improved threat domes display
  • New option to always display the bullseye
  • Added an option to hide important objects list from the 3D view
  • Destroyed aircraft are now still displayed in the important objects list
  • Moved display cockpit instruments option to the settings menu
  • Turn rate is now displayed with one decimal in objects labels
  • Nautical mile distances are now displayed with two decimal places
  • Playback speed is now displayed when nonstandard and paused
  • Fonts and cockpit instruments are now clearer
  • Added SDK functions to control playback
  • Added SDK setting to hide the HUD and latitude, longitude grid
  • It is now possible to define an object parent in telemetry data




  • Improved support of 4K and higher resolution screens
  • ISO time used for automatic synchronization was not properly read from media filenames
  • SDK menu callbacks were garbage collected too early leading to "random" crashes in C# addons
  • In some rare cases shells and bullets could be displayed as a box
  • Telemetry between selected objects was sometime displayed in the bottom/left corner of the 3D view
  • No error was displayed when attempting to read a zip file with no supported data in it (trk or xlsx files)
  • The 3D view is now always updated after activating an addon command via a menu
  • Addons menu entries will not be alphabetically sorted anymore



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I'm trying to use Tacview and have the settings correct as far as I know:



and I try Left-Ctrl + R in game but no acmi files in the Tracks directory.


Any thoughts? I'd love to get this going!



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Posted (edited)

Agh, I really want to get TacView working. I noticed that there's a "Recording" folder option, so I've set the location for that but still no joy. 


Edited by FlyingNutcase

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You just use your normal track record control in BoX.   :- )


It got me too. ha!


S! P.

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Hi FlyingNutcase


I have just tested with IL-2 v3.012c and it has generated a proper *.acmi file in a sub folder of my IL-2 install. By default, I needed to press LCtrl+R to trigger data recording. At that point I can see the little red camera icon in the top right corner of the screen.


As Plank suggested, if you have redefined the default control used to trigger trk files recording, you will have to press your own key combination.


Side note: The “ACMI Files Recording Folder” does not have any effect on IL-2 series. IL-2 records all the acmi files in its own folder “\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Tracks\”

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Thanks chaps, it's a "go". Lov' it. Really great work Vyrtuoz.

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