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BOBP Planes Will Not Load

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After the last game update all BOPP planes are locked again. I have tried launching game from Steam and IIL-2 Launcher with same result.


I tried to copy the BOBP game key into Steam but stated "Invalid Key". I purchased BOBP from IL-2.


I wonder if anyone has had a similar problem, if so how did you get out of it.

I am getting tired of getting strafed on Berloga flying the slow poke 109 versions.

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There are no keys to be copied from Steam to IL-2, then copying the BOBP key into the Add Game button on Steam results in Invalid License warning.


Waiting for Alyosha to reply in about two weeks if I am lucky, ticket submitted.


Köszi szépen, boldog kései Március 15-ét!

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