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Pacific Battles Suggestion (Original)

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We know that the Pacific can take years to develop, but ... I am sure that IL-2 will go through the years  expanding and developing, so I made this list as a suggestion

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Edited March 18
@Vig : I like the list but Guadalcanal is too early for the Hellcats.

Replie: I'll explain a little better how I made the list. Guadalcanal is not the main battle. The battle is New Guinea (Rabaul?) in 1943. All ("") as extra maps
Many battles of the pacific happen in small islands, without alteration of seasons. So... MidWay is the battle of 1942 and Coral Sea, Pearl Habor and WakeIsland as extra maps, because they are small maps, the majority being water making it easier to build several maps. The Guadalcanal airplanes are mostly present at the suggestion of the Battle of MidWay indeed

Edited April 27
Pacific Battles Suggestion *improved*  post by Heliopause
Replie: Ki-43-Ia / b / c has already been suggested in the Battle of New Guinea
The other aircraft do not show specific models


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