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Dear developers, is there a way to make the sorting of tracks stick? Let's say I have recorded three tracks and I want to watch them: I sort for date and watch the first track. After that, the sorting is back to default and I have to sort again for every single track I watch. To make things even more annoying, the "date" sorting does not consistently place the most recent track on top.


Could you kindly make the sorting option stick? May I also suggest further changes in order to make reviewing and editing tracks more enjoyable?

a) User-definable naming system. I'd love tobe ale to assign following style: yyyymmdd_serial, e.g. 20190218_001.

b) Add more columns, e.g. track duration, time, player plane/vehicle, SP, MP, map, last edited etc. The columns could be user-definable.

c) Allow us to edit the head position and zoom angle inside the cockpit in tracks. I really miss that feature a lot.



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