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Whats the Ping limit .

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Noticed last night with a full server that i would loose all sound and rubber banding when getting behind enemy six .

What is the max ping for players . ?

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And its only half ping that counts as the game is client side.
Dserver only cares about time it takes for packet to reach it as no check go back and forth for hit clarification.

So  a player with 400ms ping is only dealing with 200ms lag in IL2

But like WT with server side and checks on hits its not only 400ms but also that time so more like 600ms lag..

Partly why this game works so well.. Where we see out bullets go they always go even at 600ms (1200ms ping)

but to answer question Last time we were told.
WoL server = 500ms 
Berloga = 250-300ms ?
KoTA Server = 425ms

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